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Which Man Am I Genesis 1 or Genesis 2

Monday, May 9th, 2016

It has indeed been a busy week but in the Christian Science Lesson Sermon entitled Adam and Fallen Man I found the readings of Genesis One and Geneses Two to take a little praying time. But then later in the week someone posted this poem on Facebook and it just fits the lesson so well I had to share it with you.

By Woodruff Smith CS

Where did it begin
This idea called you?
In Genesis I,
Or Genesis 2?
Which one of these concepts
Will prove to be true?
If you know what is what,
Do you know who is who?
In Genesis I in the 26th verse
There’s a man with never a taint’ of a curse.
But in Genesis 2 in verse number seven
There’s a dust man conceived…
He’ll never see heaven.
So it really comes down
To which one you will claim,
What thou see’st thou be’st…
So what is your name?
There they both stand.
Which one is you?
Is it immortal man one,
Or mortal man two?
If you’re immortal man
You know what you’re worth.
For according to law
You’ll inherit the earth.
But if you’re just a mortal
And made out of dust…
Is there anything to you
That’s worthy of trust?
No, the thing they call man
In Genesis 2
Is the dream of the dreamer.
It never was you.
So know what you are.
Take your place in the sun,
You’re the immortal man
Of Genesis I.

Please enjoy it I certainly have and I have shared it with friends and family. Have a great week.


Dee Taylor